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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. "Unknown" host name or IP addres on the vMA of the VMware ESXi host  
  2. Accessing web interface after installation  
  3. Adding a USB connection to vMA on VMware ESXi to establish communication  
  4. Adding the new SSL certificate into the trust list.  
  5. Changing the password to access the trust list of Power Master  
  6. Client PC shuts down/hibernates each time system starts  
  7. Client settings duplicated on virtual machines, but the Agent only interacts with one of them  
  8. Configuring SNMP settings between the Client and UPS  
  9. Difference between the NCL (Non-Critical Load) outlet and CL (Critical Load) outlet  
  10. Enabling hibernation in Windows  
  11. Establishing communication with the Client  
  12. Executing a program/script when a particular event occurs  
  13. Extending the off-delay time of Necessary shutdown time option.  
  14. Finding the IP address of the UPS/PDU/ATS  
  15. Getting a notice when a power condition has cleared  
  16. Identifying devices discovered in the software.  
  17. Installation failure  
  18. Installation file's digital signature is not valid  
  19. Network ports used by PowerMaster  
  20. Network protocol used in Power Master  
  21. No communication with the UPS in the software  
  22. PowerMaster communication failure and HID detection  
  23. PowerMaster web interface not accessible after installation  
  24. Restarting the Power Master service  
  25. Shutting Down NAS  
  26. The installer cannot be launched  
  27. The web interface is displayed abnormally due to large or tiny size on Google Chrome.  
  28. Uninstalling PowerMaster  
  29. Upgrading the virtual hardware version of vMA  
  30. Uploading the installer to vMA  

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