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NMC Settings - Quick Guide

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UPS Powered Devices

This tab lists all the PCs and servers, which have properly installed and configured SPS software. Each such instance of the SPS will report to the NMC as its connected load.
The list is only available when UPS has the main output turned on.

UPS Configuration

This tab allows you setting general UPS conditions:
  • define load level for "overload" status (i.e. you might consider 70% load as too high)
  • define internal temperature level for "over temperature" status
  • define acceptable levels of environmental temperature and humidity (EMD/EMP module needed)
  • enable and disable the alarm (buzzer)
  • define battery level for shutdown (i.e. 30%) - we suggest to keep at least 20% to preserve the battery
  • set separate parameters for two load segments
Load Segments

image Advanced UPSs feature two controllable load segments, which can be turned off and turned on under different conditions. Two blocks of outlets are marked in the back of the UPS with "LS1" and "LS2".

Load segment control is subordinated to output control. It means if the general UPS's output is off (i.e. UPS is in standby mode) the load segments are off. If the UPS output is on (i.e. UPS is in line mode), then load segments can be switched on or off.

"Shutdown timer" settings (value in seconds) allows to switch off selected load segment earlier than general UPS's output. For example UPS might be set to shutdown after 600s or when battery is low (assuming it is longer than 600s). While specific load segment might be turned off after 120s.

UPS will return to line mode as soon as the input returns to normal (it means the general UPS's output will be turned on). You might want to delay powering up your loads, for example to make sure the batteries will recharge to sufficient level. Use "Startup timer" to delay the power supply to the load segment.

UPS Control

This tab allows you executing UPS actions immediately (without meeting the conditions defined in UPS Configuration).

You can choose action for the UPS (general output) like off, on or sleep and execute it immedialtey (set UPS shutdown delay to 0s) or with preferred delay. Accordingly you can choose the sleep time.
For example, the below settings will switch off the output after 1min (60s) and switch it on after another 120min.
You can also Turn On or Turn Off specific load segment. Choose action and click save.

UPS Shutdown

This tab allows you seting actions based on the conditions defined in the UPS Configuration. Please note that all actions are executed immediately or with time delay defined in UPS Configuration, warning period and interval relates only to pop up messages.

For each event you can choose one of the following actions:
  • Disable - does not perform any action in case of the event
  • Warning - displays the pop up message, but it does not execute any action
  • Client Shutdown - sends shutdown signals to computers defined in UPS Powered Devices
  • Client&UPS Shutdown - sends shutdown signals to computers defined in UPS Powered Devices and shuts down the UPS

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