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"Control Output Signal Port" in VFI CPR series

Last Updated 6 years ago
The VFI CPR series does not have a built-in Maintenance Bypass Switch, but allows connecting an external one.

A proper procedure to use MBS requires first switching the UPS to the electronic bypass and then applying the manual one. Otherwise you can bypass the input to the output of the UPS and cause a damage. Built-in MBS would be usually protected by additional sensor, so as soon as you open the MBS cover it would switch to an internal bypass.

The "Control Output Signal Port" is a dry-in contact for the MBS. This contact is NO (normally open) and should be connected to External MBS lock/cover. Once the lock is opened it should provide short (close) signal to the connector and it will trigger bypass mode in the UPS. The UPS will not allow switching to line mode until the lock is not locked and the signal is back open.

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