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Setup VMware ESXi 6.5+ for remote shutdown

Last Updated 4 years ago

  • Login to your system with root account.image
  • Press F2 and then select the Configure Management Network sign A and enter this as below. You can set network configuration, it’s necessary to realize SSH remote shutdownimage

  • Choose the IP Configuration, then you can see the IP Configuration panel and set the IP information to make sure the ESXI can be found by the host.image
  • Return to the step 1 interface and select the Troubleshooting Optionsimage
  • You can see the Enable SSH, please press enter key to enable SSH (if you can see Disable SSH, it means that the SSH function is enabled, please do nothing)image
  • Save and close. You can now realize the SSH remote shutdown.
  • Enable "SSH Shutdown" in ViewPower, enter IP address, user name, password and press "Add" button. Then click "Apply".

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