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ViewPower Manual - 3. Service Tray Application

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The Installer will leave a shortcut icon on your desktop. Simply click the shortcut. Then it will start the software and display an orange plug icon located in taskbar. To launch the GUI, double click the plug icon or choose “ Open Monitor” by clicking right button of the mouse. Refer to below diagram.

Or, use the Start Menu method; Start >> All Programs >> ViewPower >> ViewPower

imageShortcut icon

imageViewPower icon

Start Monitor

This software will be automatically activated when installing it as service application. At this time, users can remote monitor the UPS through web browser even though users do not login in operation system.

If service application can not be registered successfully when starting up service tray service, it will automatically activate monitoring application. If it’s failed or stopped manually, simply click “Start Monitor” to activate it.

“Start Monitor ” will check if monitoring application is registered as service application. If it’s successfully, this software will be activated from service mode. If not, this software will be activated as monitoring mode. Users can identify the application mode from tray icon as below :

  • Monitoring application is not activated successfully: image
  • Monitoring application is activated as service mode: image
  • Monitoring application is activated as application mode:image

Stop Monitor

Click “Stop Monitor” to stop monitoring application.


Port Modification

If port conflict occurs, you may modify value of tray port. The default setting for tray port is listed as below:

  • Web Service port: 15178
  • Web service shutdown port: 8005
  • AJP port: 8009
You may modify the value of tray port to any number between 0 to 65536. If value entry is used, the system will remind users to enter another number again.

NOTE1: Please do NOT modify port value unless port conflict occurs. This modification will affect remote monitoring website. For example, if changing web service port to 15177, then the remote monitoring website will change to :

NOTE2To avoid possible conflicts, please do NOT enter value with less than 4 digits.

ViewPower Start And Exit Setting

  • Server start up type: If “Auto” is selected, the software will automatically start up when PC is turned on. If “Manually” is selected, users have to manually start the ViewPower software.
  • Exit to stop monitoring: If selected, it will completely exit software without monitoring service. If unselected, it will continue monitoring service in the back end even though exit from software.

Software Upgrades

  • Specify the URL for update files : This is the directory to online update software. Please do not change it unless it’s instructed by software vendor.
  • Save files to : The directory to save files.
  • Online auto-update : If selected, it will automatically check if there is any new version launched online every 1 hour.
  • If applying online upgrade, please follow below for configuration:
    1. Select “Apply the proxy configuration ”;
    2. Enter IP address and port of server;
    3. If ID identification is requested, select “Enable authentication ” and enter User Name and Password.
  • Connection test : Click this button to test if all configurations are set up well.image

Configuration Saved

Click “Apply” button to save all changes in Configuration page. Click “Cancel” to stop the change.

Software Update

Software update includes online update and manually update:

  • Online Update:
Click “ Online Update” to search the latest software version. If there is new version, it will automatically download and update.
  • Manually Update:
Users can manually update the software. Follow below steps:

  1. Click “Manually Update ” from function menu.
  2. Click “Browse” to choose file directory. And then click “Upgrade” to upgrade software.image

Debug Mode

If debug mode is activated, the software will record process of UPS searching and communication result into log so that it can be analyzed when communication failure occurs.

  • Start: Click “Start” to activate debug mode. Click “Stop” to stop recording.image
  • Logs: Click “Logs” to check the log records.

Open Monitor

Click “Open Monitor” to open monitor page .

Message Board

Users can check message board for event list.



Click “Exit” to exist service application

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