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The GUI has five sections as marked in the illustration below:

A. Function Menu offers complete tool-set for navigating and setting the GUI.
B. Shortcut Menu provides short cuts to more commonly used functions.
C. Current Monitoring Information displays user ID and monitored UPS name.
D. UPS Navigation indicates all UPS locations in networked environment.
E. Main Window contains information and/or controls that change with each function menu or shortcut menu selected.


Click the Refresh icon image to refresh screen.

UPS Searching

Step 1 Click the UPS Searching iconimageto search UPS devices in LAN or INTERNET.
Step 2 Click the UPS search iconimage

  • Auto L AN search: Select the web segment from dropdown menu, and then click the “Search” button as required.
  • Manual Internet search:
  1. Precise search: Enter designated IP address, and then click the “Search” button for searching.
  2. Related search: Enter IP address ranging, and then click “Search” button to start the searching.
Note: The duration of searching in related search is different based on the provided range of IP addresses.

UPS Navigation

It displays all UPSs found through UPS searching function.

CURRENT means physically connected local PC and UPS device

LAN means connected PCs and UPS devices in local area network

INTERNET means connected PCs and UPS devices in wide area network

NOTE: The definition of LAN and INTERNET depends on the local PC location.

Monitored UPS Information

Select one UPS from UPS navigation and it will display complete UPS information in main window.
  • UPS rated information includes rated VA, rated output voltage, rated output frequency, rated output current and rated battery voltage.
  • Battery information includes battery group numbers.
  • Purchasing information means UPS purchasing date, battery purchasing date, warranty for UPS and warranty for battery.image
NOTE: This display screen may be different for different types of UPS.

UPS Remote Control & Monitor

If you want to control and set up the remote UPS, you must log in as an administrator. There are two ways to remote monitor UPS:

Method one: Double click any UPS from LAN or INTERNET and it will pop up a message window to confirm the monitoring action. image
Select “Yes” and it will open another new window to display remote UPS information.
NOTE: This display screen may be different for different types of UPS.

Method 2: Open browser and enter the remote PC IP address and 15178. For example, remote PC IP address is

Please enter in browser.

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