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WinPower Manual - 1. Software Introduction

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Brief introduction
Software is a UPS monitoring software, that can support to monitor the status of local UPS and remote UPS in the LAN or WAN. User can monitor and configure the UPS on any computer in the LAN or WAN.

The software monitors the real-time status of UPS at all times, when status of UPS is abnormal, software will give warning information to user, protect the key equipment and shut down the system of the computer when needed.

The software can protect computer systems from being shut down abnormally when power fails. With the software, a UPS can provide security protection for more than one computer at the same time, including shutting down system in security, saving application data and shut down the output of the UPS when power fails.

Software structure

There are three components of the software: Agent, Monitor and Tray Icon.

Please refer to the following figure 1.2.1 to comprehend the relationship of the three components.


Figure 1.2.1

Agent is the key component of the software, running as a system service on background. Agent communicates with UPS, logs the event of UPS, notifies user when the UPS is abnormal, takes some actions according to the user configuration and shuts down the system of computer when necessary. User can configure Agent by Monitor.

Monitor is the user interface of the software. User can get real-time status of UPS, configure the parameters of UPS and set shutdown parameters by monitor.

Tray Icon, shown on the taskbar of Windows system, is the management tool of the software. Start software from “start” menu of system or login in system when restart system after installing software, if the software runs normally, a green icon will be shown on the taskbar of Windows system.

  • The Tray Icon exists on Windows only.

There are two different statuses of Tray Icon to display the current status of Agent. Refer to the following figure 1.2.2.


Agent stop


Agent is running

Figure 1.2.2


Application on individual computer

Refer to figure1.3.1


Figure 1.3.1

Application in the LAN/WAN/Internet

Refer to figure 1.3.2


Figure 1.3.2

The functions and advantages

1. Once the software starts, it will never stop running to protect the key equipment in 24 hours every day.

2. You can have a detailed view about the parameters and status of UPS, such as utility power, UPS type, the load, and battery information.

3. Software can automatically search and monitor the UPSs in LAN when start the software at the first time.

4. Software can monitor the UPSs in the internet.

5. With security protect function. The software administrator password can be set to prevent others from sabotaging. Only the software administrator has the right of full access, other users only have the right of view.

6. With the function of data auto protection, it can close most of the running applications and save the related files.

7. With the function of turning on and off the UPS on scheduled time, software also can shut down computer safely before turning off the output of UPS.

8. With the function of battery self-test on scheduled time, it can check the health of UPS system

9. With the function of shutting down computer in LAN or WAN, it can shut down computer safely before turning off the output of UPS.

10. Software can log data and event. It is very convenient for user to learn detail information about UPS.

11. There are two kinds of notification method to let user learn the status of UPS as soon as possible.

11.1 SMS

11.2 E-mail

12. The SNMP centralized monitoring function of software can monitor the status of UPS with SNMP card located in different regions.

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