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WinPower Software Secure Usage statement

Last Updated 3 years ago

  1. Login password is encrypt using AES during transmission over the network to ensure remote network security access.
  2. Use HTTPS instead of HTTP access web and APP function, Use WebSocket over SSL for pushing message to APP to ensure network security access
  3. Re-authenticate the user before modifying the password to ensure security access
  4. Set the login timeout for 1 hour, if the application is not active, when user wants to operate software via manager/web/app, there will be message prompted that software should need to re-login after 1 hour login timeout .
  5. Encrypt JAVA RMI with SSL to ensure software running safely
  6. User can get the inventory from the device including Location, IP address, Model, device status, Link,serial number.(refer to section 3.2 to get more information)
  7. Software can only support three physical access ports with UPS: USB(maximize number 32) , RS232/USBtoRS232(maximize number 4) and SNMP card.
  8. Software support Administrator account (the default password is “Administrator”) and ordinary account.
  9. Software use TCP port 2099 for local agent. it use UDP port 2198, 2199, 2200 for host-to-host remote use UDP 1824, 161 and 162 for SNMP function. It use 8888 for web-server. (refer to section 4.1 to get more information for how to open/check the port on the Windows/Linux/Unix)
  10. Software will log the device data and events: All the data is saved in “UPSDATA.CSV” under the software installation path, All the events are saved in “UPSEVENT.CSV” and “SNMPEVENT.CSV” under the software installation path. (refer to section 3.3.7 for more information about how to set/check/export the data and events)
  11. Software can’t support update the software on-line. All the parameters are saved in “UPSPILOT.CFG” under the installation path. User can copy this document to take back up of the configurations or User can choose “Yes” when the installation guide ask “Would you like to keep the old configuration settings?”.
  12. Refer to section 2.4 for more information about uninstalling the software.

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