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How to capture debug message in WinPower

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If an issue concerning WinPower cannot be easily diagnosed, a debug message needs to be captured for further analysis.

  1. PC should be powered directly from mains to avoid loosing any data when UPS shuts down.
  2. Disconnect NMC Card if it is in use.
  3. Connect the USB communication cable between UPS and PC, and ensure WinPower is communicating with UPS functionally. (In case of issues with communication, please at least make sure the UPS is detected by Operating System as plugged USB device)
  4. Stop agent by right-click the green icon of WinPower and then click “agent stop”.
  5. Create or edit file “debugMonitor.txt” in path C:\Program Files\MonitorSoftware. Make sure the file consists only of a single character “1”. See picture below.image
  6. Restart agent of WinPower by right-click the green icon again and then click “agent start”.
  7. Run the UPS with WinPower
    • Keep it on for at least 15minutes, please try to search for devices or reconnect if there is no communication
    • Wait until unexpected issues repeats
    • Execute the a command (i.e shutdown process) with the same parameters until UPS repeats the issue
  8. It will have a file called “MonitorDebugOutput.txt” in path C:\Program Files\MonitorSoftware
  9. Please return the file “MonitorDebugOutput.txt” for further analysis.

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