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Automatic Voltage Regulator AVR

Last Updated 6 years ago
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Automatic Voltage Regulator is implemented in all Line Interactive models. AVR, regardless if a part of VI UPS or as standalone device has similar logic basing on buck and boost. The thresholds may differ from model to mode, but behavior stays the same.

Within operating voltage range AVR switches on relays between buck (step decrease of voltage), boost (step increase of voltage) and normal mode. Outside of operating voltage range it switches to battery mode or in case of standalone AVR, it cuts of the voltage to protect devices.
Thresholds for switching to boost or buck mode are depending on the model, but typical are given below. This applies to VI 650-2000 LCD, VI 600-800 SW and VI 750-2000 PSW.

  • Nominal Voltage: 230V
  • Line low detection: 170V
  • Line low comeback: 176V
  • Line boost activation: 207V
  • Line boost deactivation: 213V
  • Line buck activation: 253V
  • Line buck deactivation: 247V
  • Line high detection: 280V
  • Line high comeback: 274V

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