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How to access UPS on Synology

Last Updated 6 years ago
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Go to Control Panel >> Hardware

Go to tab „UPS“ >> Enable UPS support >> UPS is detected automatically

Recommended setup

Connect the UPS directly to NAS. With your NAS you will be able to access basic features like shutdown settings (or more for HID models). NAS will act as the UPS network server.

On your PC you can setup free utility like WinNUT on Windows or NUT on linux. The utility will listen for warning from the NAS via network. When the UPS reaches critical battery level, it passes a signal to NAS, which redistributes it as a command to PC to shutdown. Both PC and NAS can be set to turn on when power is returned (if they support WOL).


For more details you can consult the technical support or community for your NAS. For example:

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