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Battery Test / Low battery / Weak battery

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Design Life
The typical lifespan of a UPS battery is 3-5 years from the start of production (not at the time of first usage). This time might considerably long (even a full year in some cases). Read more:

Battery Test
Battery test is a critical part of UPS maintenance and should be done once a few weeks (i.e. scheduled via software). Read more:

Battery Storage
A battery must be recharged every 3 months in storage, otherwise it depletes its capacity. In very hot and humid environment (climate) it is recommended to recharge them every 2 months. The time required to recharge the batteries is dependend on the internal charger. For a typical UPS it will take 4-12h.

Battery replacement
Please consider replacing your batteries if any of the following conditions apply:
  • UPS shows low battery level despite you have charged it for sufficient time
  • UPS shows weak batteries
  • UPS is running for more than 3 years without battery change
  • The backup time is dramatically reduced comparing to the initial performance
  • Regularly performed battery test (scheduled by software) will report issues with batteries
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