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GreenPower function

Last Updated 6 years ago
GreenPower was a function implemented in UPSs to save battery. Small UPSs would switch off after relatively short time (i.e. 5min) if no load (or very small load) was detected. Over the time this function was abandoned as UPSs often were used to support small devices like routers, so the function became unwanted. All models produced after 2014 will continue to run on battery even without the load.

Apart from GreenPower Function there are still some time limits related to the battery and those are independent from the load level.

Models that will switch off after 30min in the battery mode:
  • VFD 600, VFD 1000
  • VFD 600 APFC, VFD 800 APFC
Models that will switch off after 60min in the battery mode:
  • VI 650/850 SH (Schuko/FR/IEC)
  • VI 650/850 SHL (Schuko/FR/IEC)
  • VI 650/850 SE (Schuko/FR/IEC)
  • VI 650/850 SE LCD (Schuko/FR/IEC)

All other models will run on battery as long as other condition is not met (configured time limit, battery capacity limit etc)

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