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How to configure nighttime shutdown

Last Updated 6 years ago
UPSs are designed to run continuously. A "shutdown" only means cutting off the output voltage after proper closing all the operating systems. Whenever the UPS is connected to input power it will run in standby mode with LCD on and fans running (when available). If you have external power management (scheduled or manual) for the building, you can configure the UPS to work together with the planned input power down time.

UPSs are not equipped with real time clock, therefore once the "power on" was scheduled in SNMP, it requires the UPS to run continuously in standby mode to control countdown until desired time. The UPS will require input power for standby mode.

To overcome this inconvenience we suggest following setup:
Schedule Power Off in the SNMP Card at 20:00
Schedule Power On in the SNMP Card at 20:15
Schedule Input Voltage Shutdown at 20:10
Schedule Input Voltage Restore at 6:00

With this setup UPS will shutdown the loads at 20:00, it will notice input voltage failure at 20:10 and run in battery mode for 5 minutes, until 20:15. Since the loads are off and input absent, it will automatically shutdown completely. At 6:00 UPS will notice input return and power up automatically including the loads, since its due time to power up has passed.

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