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Windows error 206 for Java

Last Updated 4 years ago
ViewPower is based on Java, hence it must be installed correctly prior the installation of ViewPower. Often encountered error 206 is related to Java, not ViewPower. Most likely the reason is too long installation path of Java or special symbols in folder names. In this case we suggest to uninstall ViewPower and Java and install java in a folder with shorter path, without additional characters. After this step is successfull, proceed with installation of ViewPower. Please remember to install ViewPower as administrator (run as administrator).

For example you may considering installing ViewPower to C:\VP instead of C:\opt\external\ViewPower2.14 which may already be too long for Java.

If you have further problems with error 206, please contact Oracle Corporation (owner of Java) for support.

Please note that Java is only required for old version of ViewPower, please uninstall it and download the newest version from our website.

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