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Remote Shutdown with SNMP Manager

Last Updated 5 years ago
New version of SNMP Manager comes with advanced remote shutdown settings. You can shutdown other computers/servers by sending a predefined command to shutdown wizard installed there or to login via SSH and execute a command.


Set all IP addresses that represent PCs/servers that need to shutdown.

If you just want to shutdown the PC and you have already installed the shutdown wizard, please ignore SSH shutdown settings (including user name, password and command).

Please check "AES encryption" if your shutdown wizard is above version 1.0.3. The Shutdown Wizard does not have user interface, so if you don't know the version, you can always download the newest version from our website or try both settings.

If you prefer to connect to your server via telnet, you can select "SSH shutdown", place login, password and preferred command ("halt", "shutdown" or anything you aim to do). You can also upload scripts and call them in the "command" field. Those fields are ignored, if shutdown wizard is installed. If SSH Shutdown is checked, Shutdown Wizard will be ignored.

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