Frequently Asked Question

Battery Packs

Last Updated 5 years ago
Battery Packs increase autonomy time of the UPS. Please make sure that you confirm an appropriate Battery Pack for your UPS. Please refer to our website, each product page has a list of matching accessories.

There are no physical limitations in terms of the number of Battery Packs connected to the UPS. One BP offers usually a connector for another one. Nevertheless, it is not allowed to connect too many BPs in parallel. The internal charger of the UPS must be able to properly charge the connected Battery Packs. If you plan to connect more than two BPs, please consult our Technical Support Team in advance.

Please note that batteries used in the UPS and all Battery Packs (essentially all parallel strings of batteries) should consist of the same quantity, type and condition of batteries. Therefore it is not recommended to connect fresh Battery Pack to a UPS with old internal batteries (we recommend to replace internal batteries at the time of connecting new battery pack). The recommendation is the best practice and not an obligatory action.

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