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Adding the new SSL certificate into the trust list.

Last Updated 5 years ago
Due the duplicate alias name is available in the trust list, the certificate cannot be added. In order to add the new certificate into the list, the certificate which has the duplicate alias name should be removed from the list. Follow the steps to remove the certificate:

  • Switch to the /jre/lib/security directory in the command prompt.
    cd /jre/lib/security
  • Run the below command to remove the certificate from the trust list.
    /jre/bin/keytool.exe –delete –alias -keystore cacerts
  • Enter “changeit” as the password for the certificate removal.
  • Enter “y” to apply the certificate removal
  • Restart the Agent service to reload the trust list and take effect. Refer to Restarting PowerMaster service of FAQ chapter for more details.

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