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Network ports used by PowerMaster

Last Updated 4 years ago
PowerMaster uses following ports 3052 (UDP/TCP), port 53568 (TCP), port 162 (UDP) and port 53566(UDP)

If a page cannot be displayed after ports were set up, please check following.

The port that was set up in the Security/Network page may be occupied by other applications or services. This indicates that the pages can’t be accessed through the assigned port. Follow below steps to continue accessing the Agent/Client web:

  • Find the webserver.xml file located at /etc/agent folder on the Agent computer or/etc/client folder on the Client computer.
  • Use the text editor to open the webserver.xml and you can find the tag in the file as below example:

Change the port of the and make sure that the port is not occupied by other services or applications. Save the webserver.xml file. (httpsNumber is numeric from 1 - 65535)

Note: The default port number is 53568.

  • Find the Power Master service at the Control Panel/Administrator Tools/Services and restart the service in order to access through this new setting.

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